Day 36 – The end of the West Highland way

Tuesday 29th October – with Zoe, Andy, Alex, John and Richard!

16.45 miles … 2,287′ ascent … 38,173 steps … 6 hours 30 minutes

We had breakfast in the boys pod after showers in the campsite facilities and a cosy night in Bablu, with Zoe taking her allotted space on the shelf above Fiona and me.

Another cold but stunningly beautiful morning awaited and Fiona joined us for the first half hour again on the old droving road. The IJM team of Zoe, Alex and Andy were joined by my two great school friends John and Richard for the day. What a privilege to have time walking together and sharing life’s stories, with sensational views of a snow capped Ben Nevis.

Loch Leven with Ben Bheithir in the background
Fiona’s walk with John and Mary
360 views from Glencoe up Loch Lhinnie

This day sadly for me will be remembered for the wrong reasons. My sister Jenny phoned with very painful news. Her closest friends Peter and Miranda Harris have been involved in a terrible traffic accident in South Africa. Miranda and two of their friends were killed and at the time of me writing Peter is on life support. Please pray for Peter and their wonderful family at this time. Such sad news puts everything that we worry about into perspective. We must always remember to be so thankful for the time we have with friends and to never regret not having told people the things we sometimes hesitate to share and how we love them. It is very hard to share this but I try to be as honest and open as I can on this blog.

People continue to be so generous in their giving and we are now just £500 short of raising enough for a fourth rescue. I really appreciate the support of my walking companions today, both emotionally and physically.

THIS is why we are doing it all….

Fiona had a good morning with the Duckers, who had been very significant in her career choice many years ago, when she worked with them at Carnoch Outdoor Centre in Glencoe. Two of her most life changing people.

Zoe, Andy & Alex took the train back east while John and Richard will be walking with me on the start of the Great Glen way tomorrow. Fiona made us a super meal in the camper van tonight, but then unfortunately tripped and slammed her head on the back of the van. She was detained in A&E in Ft William’s Belford Hospital overnight after 6 stitches…

Wow, Ben Nevis looking spectacular

Thankfully our good friends John and Mary Ducker have had me to stay overnight and I will bring Bablu back to Ft William to check on Fiona’s progress in the morning (I am fine, having had wonderful care in the Belford – amazing NHS we have here – Ed). Thank you for your prayers at this time.

Amazing vista

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  1. So good to meet you at Culloden Balloch Baptist Church this morning. Well done for doing this. Hoping that the last few days go well for you.

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