John’s Walk for Freedom

This journey started last year (2018), when we were in Scotland with our daughter Zoe, who had just started working for IJM UK. We were in an outdoor shop on a wet day, John picked up a book on walking from Land’s End to John O Groats and said ‘maybe I’ll do that next year when I’m 60’… Zoe then pipes up ‘you could raise money for IJM while you walk’… so started the plan!

We have been challenged weekly by the stories of success and pain that Zoe shares with us, so looked carefully into all IJM do and find they are so successful in helping people escape the bondage of modern day slavery. We also have a child-free house for the first time in 25 years so are ready for an adventure.

So here goes, 2+ months in a friend’s camper van, 1,000 miles and supporters all up the British Isles to meet up with, tell the story to, walk with, eat with, borrow a bed for the night and rekindle friendships (and make new ones) we have neglected while working probably too hard for a long time.

Please join us, either physically or virtually and help us to help lots of others walk in freedom – Thank you!

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